After climbing from Port-au-Prince to the misty highlands of Parc National La Visite, we refueled and rested at the Auberge La Visite. This forest oasis has been owned and operated by Winthrop Attié and his family since 1996, and is named after the old fashioned European auberges where travelers could just stop in for a bed and a meal. Locals just call it ‘Kay Winnie’ in Creole, which translates to ‘Winni’s House’.

You may have noticed in yesterday’s photos that there aren’t many trees left in Haiti. Statistically, only 1.4% of Haitian lands are still forested. Fortunately, there are groups working to reverse this destructive pattern. In 2004 Winni co-founded Fondation Seguin, in order to preserve the forests that remain. Today, they are in the middle of a project funded from a grant from US AID to plant 300,000 trees in the national park in honor of the 300,000 dead from the 2010 earthquake.

In addition to honorable qualities, Winni also possesses some of the cutest dogs on the island. I’m going to deviate from our philanthropic mountain bike adventures to post gratuitous puppy shots in order to bolster my Google ranking. Check back tomorrow we will see what kind of mountain biking terrain we uncovered out the door of Winni’s House.