Yesterday was the first ever formal race day at Valmont Bike Park. There were XC races, dual slalom races, and the Colorado State Slopestyle Championships. I brought out the lighting kit and snapped some shots of competitors hitting the big “whale tail” ramp. Here are some highlights; I have a full set posted on my personal facebook page.

Backflip onto the whale tail ramp at Valmont Bike Park Slopestyle

Here’s a shot of the overall scene at the park.

Overall scene at the Valmont Bike Park Colroado Slopestyle Championships

AJ Anaya wins the Valmont Bike Park Colorado Slopestyle Championship

Off camera lighting makes for dramatic clouds in bike jumping photos

360 off the Whale Tail at Valmont Bike Park Slopestyle

After the comp, I grabbed a couple riders for some shots at the last jump on the course.

Huge BMX 360 tailwhip at Valmont Bike Park Slopestyle

Superman Dirt Jump at Valmont Bike Park Slopestyle

Here is a front flip from the winner, AJ Anaya. This guy is a real pro, and threw down mad trick on every feature on the course. His double tail whips require video to really be appreciated!

AJ Anaya Front Flip at Valmont Bike Park Slopestyle