The fog rolled in on my first night on Cape Cod. It didn’t make for great beach weather, but it did make for some cool photos. I played with the Lightroom processing a bit to enhance the foggy feel. Once again I was putting my new 24 1.4 lens through the paces. It’s fun, but hard at the same time. 24mm is a lot of composition to work with, you have to get really close a lot of the time.

Here is where I stayed. It isn’t really surfside, and it really isn’t a motor inn on the highway. You can have continental breakfast of coffee and English muffins with a dozen screaming children if you want though.

Great textures on the rocks. They are much more slippery than they look.

The seagulls were really chowing down on the crabs. The cool thing about this image is that it is zoomed in super close. So even at f1.4, with this gull in motion and small in the frame, there is still enough sharpness to crop in.

Would you believe I found a random redhead?

Lightroom 3’s lens correction feature is fun.

We couldn’t figure out what made these grooves in the sand. Yeah, I know it was the water, Einstein. But why?

Chatham Light.

All and all, I enjoyed the contrast from my usual desert-dry Colorado weather. The fog was so close to rain that it was dripping from the trees.